European Healthy Soils Conference

European healthy soils conference

The topic Healthy Soils is a key element of the European Soil Strategy. This first edition of the European Healthy Soils Conference Series will address the relevance of healthy soils and soil fertility as prerequisite for a functioning society, environment, economy, and climate.

The 3-day conference aims to bring together soil scientists, along with stakeholders from industry, agriculture, and the public sector, to discuss the maintenance of and opportunities in healthy soils. The event is co-organised by the FHNW School of Life Sciences and Agroscope, under the umbrella of the European Federation of Biotechnology divisions of Plant, Agriculture & Food and Environmental Biotechnology.

NATI00NS Project Coordinator Niels Halberg, Aarhus University, takes part in the event in collaboration with the sister project PrepSoil to further promote the message of the EU Soil Mission across target communities, joining the session "Today’s challenges to soil health" on 14 September.

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Muttenz, Switzerland